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Report: Nvidia Won't be Launching its Next-Gen GeForce Ampere GPUs at GTC in March
By Stuart Thomas on March 2nd, 2018 at 03:24pm - original article from game-debate

Despite months of rumours to the contrary, sources closed to both Tom’s Hardware and PCGamesN have confirmed that Nvidia will not be launching its next-generation GeForce Ampere graphics cards in March.

It had been heavily mooted that Nvidia was planning to take the lid off its next-gen GPUs during its own GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in March, or alternatively at the Game Developer Conference (GDC).

Tom’s Hardware claims “We’ve learned from multiple independent sources that apart from a possible announcement and a rather vague “appetizer,” nothing concrete regarding Nvidia’s next-gen gaming graphics products is likely to be revealed at these shows.”

The reasoning behind this is that AMD isn’t putting up stiff competition in the graphics card market. Nvidia is cruising right now, and releasing more powerful graphics cards isn’t necessary to achieve continued success. The only thing that would really change this is AMD moving to market with its own next-gen GPUs.

Now, while there were rumours of a reveal during GTC, I don’t think many folks were assuming that the GeForce GTX 2080 and GeForce GTX 2070 would be available to buy from that very day. Typically there would be a few weeks or months wait from the initial reveal of the technology until it’s available to purchase, so there is still the possibility that Ampere will be shown in some form during GTC 2018, which starts on March 25th.

It’s therefore conceivable that Nvidia could be ready for its next-gen GPU launch at some point in April, almost exactly two years after the GeForce GTX 10 Series Pascal graphics cards were launched.

When do you think Nvidia is going to launch GeForce Ampere? Will Team Green be happy to wait until the next Radeon chips?gtx