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Leaked Intel Slide Shows AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU in Upcoming Intel Mobile CPUs
By Jon Sutton on October 10th, 2017 at 04:30pm - original article from game-debate

Well, uh, that excitement didn't last long. It turns out the leaked Intel slide is nothing to do with Radeon RX Vega at all. In fact, it's not even a slide. It's actually part of an Intel employee recognition program that takes place around their HQ, and this particular image is of none other than Mr Vega, an Intel employee. Quite the coincidence. 

Not Vega Intel

Thanks for the heads-up from those who spotted this. Now it's just time for that sinking feeling of disappointment to settle in.

Source: TechCritter

Original Story - Oct-10-17 - Leaked Intel Slide Shows AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU in Upcoming Intel Mobile CPUs

As per the rumours we heard much earlier this year that Intel had reportedly inked a deal with AMD to include Vega GPUs within its CPUs, fresh evidence has arrived that it could be on the cards. A slightly suspicious new leaked slide has emerged, showing Intel touting Vega GPU technology within its next barrage of mobile processors.

The original story from back in February this year suggested a deal was done and dusted as far back as last December, with Intel’s deal with Nvidia due to end in March 2017. At the time, HardOCP editor Kyle Bennett had the scoop, saying “Everything I have mentioned here is definitively correct. Intel is licensing AMD GPU technology. No money has changed hands yet, so there is no financial impact till late in the year, hence nothing in the current earnings report.”

In the Intel slide below you can see it says "Vega Inside, Mobile Performance Outside", strongly intimate AMD Radeon RX Vega architecture will feature in its next-generation mobile chips. AMD is including cut-down versions of Vega in its own upcoming Ryzen APUs so the technology is certainly there should Intel choose to hop into bed with its direct competitor in the CPU market.

Intel Vega GPU Radeon CPU

Intel’s current Coffee Lake 8th Gen desktop CPUs are a reworking of Kaby Lake and feature the same graphics technology. The full extent of the Coffee Lake-H and Cannon Lake-Y chips hasn’t been revealed though, and it would make a great deal of sense from an Intel point of view to include AMD’s hot new GPU architecture onboard. The latter seems a far more likely scenario, but perhaps this deal was done long enough ago that Coffee-Lake-H Vega integration could be on the cards.

Power draw (and consequently overheating) is obviously a major issue, but if this plan does go ahead then they will be significantly cut-down chips. AMD’s own Zen-powered Raven Ridge APUs feature a Vega graphics chip with a total 11 Compute Units, versus 64 CUs on the RX Vega 64 and 56 Compute Units on the RX Vega 56. In theory, the integrated GPU will have 704 Stream Processors, although it will inevitably have a much lower clock speed.

It’s hard to see who comes out the winner in this scenario, although they must both be confident in the impact it will have on their own products if they were to enter into any deal.

For now, all this is still firmly pencilled in as a rumour, but the evidence is mounting that a collaboration between Team Red and Team Blue is on the cards.