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Colorful Announces Cryptocurrency Mining Motherboard With Space for 8 Graphics Cards
By Stuart Thomas on September 15th, 2017 at 12:54pm - original article from game-debate

Cryptocurrency mining is in a mighty turbulent phase right now. The value of Ethereum has plummeted and Bitcoin seems to be doing a similar trick, dropping 14% in value in a single day yesterday, wiping $27 billion off its market value. Still, hardware companies are eager to cash in on the miners, and it’s not just the GPU manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD that stand to make a pretty penny - Colorful has been busy creating a monstrous cryptocurrency mining motherboard with enough room for eight graphics cards.

The (unsurprisingly) non-standard form factor C.B250A-BTC Plus V20 motherboard uses the LGA 1151 socket and features room for a frankly ridiculous eight PCIe x16 slots. It’s shaped more like a Kit-Kat than a motherboard, measuring 485mm in length and 195mm wide. It’s unusual, to say the least, but good luck finding an off-the-shelf PC case that can actually hold it.

Colorful Mining Motherboard

From a gaming point of view, Colorful’s motherboard is pretty pointless. Only one of the graphics cards is hooked up to the CPU while there’s just a single DIMM slot for all your memory needs. This is a pure cryptocurrency miners’ board. The extra-wide spacing on the PCIe slots means there’s room for eight graphics cards of their choice, running simultaneously all day and all night.

So if the tanking price of cryptocurrency is getting you down, why not dig a deeper financial hole with an eight-way motherboard? I suspect crypto miners are going to absolutely love this provided the price is right. The only problem now is for us gamers trying to buy a reasonably priced graphics card for pleasure, not business.