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AMD CPU Sales Overtake Intel For First Time in 10 Years - Ryzen and Threadripper Dominant
By Neil Soutter on September 4th, 2017 at 12:45pm - original article from game-debate

A red moon is rising over PC gaming - AMD has succeeded in overturning Intel’s market dominance for the month of August 2017 at Germany’s largest e-tailer. While German store Mindfactory is just a small slice of the overall market, it does provide a decent general barometer of where the CPU market is at right now. AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs, including its HEDT Threadripper processors, have seen AMD clamber to its largest market share at the retailer in more than a decade.

For the month of August 2017, AMD’s desktop CPUs accounted for 56% of the processors sold at Mindfactory, up from 27.6% when Ryzen first launched back in March. In fact, looking at the data collated by Redditor ‘ingebor’, AMD’s market share has continued to grow month on month for the past six months, resulting in this eventual eclipsing of Intel.AMD Ryzen v Intel 7th Gen CPU sales

Things get a little closer when we look at monthly revenue rather than unit sales though, aided by Intel’s generally higher cost per CPU. Again, AMD comes out on top, this time with 54% of CPU revenue versus 46 per cent from Intel.AMD Ryzen v Intel 7th Gen CPU Revenue

This is a marked changing of the guard, no doubt about it, and an important signifier that gamers are taking AMD’s CPUs seriously once more. They’re often the cheaper option and yet pack fantastic performance. This effect is most keenly felt when looking at the spread of CPU sales. As you can see AMD has several Ryzen processors which have generated large sales, while Intel’s performance is dominated by its Core i7-7700K. It’s the one CPU to rule them all, and consistently the best seller, yet outside this price bracket, AMD reigns supreme.

The one thing we do really need to bear in mind with this data is that this only represents a tiny subset of the overall market. The big picture could be completely different in the States. With that in mind, we’ve got to tread with caution here but the trending signs are obviously in AMD’s favour right now. Those graphs above paint a remarkable turnaround, one which Intel will inevitably seek to halt shortly with the introduction of its 8th Gen Core CPUs.