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Intel to Reveal 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs on August 21st
By Stuart Thomas on August 10th, 2017 at 05:34pm - original article from game-debate

Intel’s stepping up its game as the competition from Ryzen intensifies. It’s been some seven months since Kaby Lake launched, and now Intel is prepping itself for the reveal of its 8th-generation Coffee Lake chips is less than a fortnight’s time.

August 21st is the big day, with Intel saying “Amazing things happen when all things align." For those of you not in Trump-land, that’s because the Intel 8th gen launch takes place on the same day as a major solar eclipse here in the US.

Intel Amazing Things Happen

Intel will be live-streaming the entire reveal on Monday, 21st August from 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST.

As per the current Kaby Lake chips, these Intel Coffee Lake processors will be manufactured on the same 14nm process. In terms of the architecture, it’s a case of refinement rather than revolution, but Intel is rumoured to be using this opportunity to bump up the core count across its entire family of CPUs. We’ve heard previously that quad-core Intel Core i3 processors are inbound, including the Intel Core i3-8300 with HyperThreading. It’s also expected we’ll see hexa-core Intel Core i5 CPUs. For the end user, it pretty much means Intel is knocking close to $100 off the price of a quad-core processor, and hexa-core will swiftly become the new norm.

Intel 8th Gen

The bad news for current Intel owners is that Coffee Lake will require a new chipset, so all of those existing 200-series motherboards you’ve got will no longer be compatible with the CPU family.

All this info is currently based on leaks though, and Intel itself has remained typically quiet on the matter. All we’ve got from them is the promise of "blazing fast performance… immersive experiences… amazing system designs."

Intel’s really kicking up a few gears. No sooner have we heard about its Core i9 X-Series launch, then we hear confirmation of this next generation. The actual rollout of these Coffee Lake CPUs may not be totally straightforward though. Intel looks as have made some impressive inroads with power efficiency so it’s possible it will lead with the mobile chips once again. A number of motherboard manufacturers have intimated they’ve already got their hands on desktop chips, however, so we could be set for a simultaneous launch. While the reveal is on August 21st, don’t expect to see these 8th CPUs hit store shelves until later in the year.