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Rumour: Intel may be Killing off its Pentium G4560 After it Cannibalises Demand for Core i3s
By Jon Sutton on July 11th, 2017 at 04:54pm - original article from game-debate

Reports are surfacing that Intel may be intentionally killing off its Pentium G4560 after huge demand for the dual-core budget CPU saw it eat into the sales of its Core i3 processors. For a while now the dual-core, four-thread Intel Pentium G4560 has quietly been the king of the budget CPUs, offering some strong performance for the low, low price of $64 MSRP.

Naturally, Intel selling a metric ton of its processors sounds like a good thing, but the inadvertent effect is customers are avoiding Intel’s more expensive Core i3 offerings and just dropping the cash on the much cheaper Pentium G4560. The Pentium CPU is likely a much lower margin CPU, eating into Intel’s profits.

The theory behind Intel killing off its own product comes from both DigiWorthy, who apparently have knowledge that this is the real deal. Evidence provided by PCPer suggests that the price of the Intel Pentium G4560 has in fact been spiralling upwards for the last few months, despite the tech getting older.

It also transpires that stock is becoming harder to find, with Amazon UK yet to receive fresh stock of Pentium G4560’s this month. As you can see the chart the price since May has been rising upwards pretty sharply, peaking at £99.34. It’s since dropped but they’re actually out of stock now so there’s only third-party reseller data available.

Intel Pentium G4560

If true where we’ve ended up in a bizarre scenario where one of Intel’s products is more popular than it had intended. Demand may have shrunk for its more premium CPUs, which likely come with greater profit margins, potentially forcing Intel to limit demand or jack up the prices in order to avoid cannibalising itself.