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It's Coming - Nvidia Teasing Major GeForce Reveal on April 29th
By Jon Sutton on April 13th, 2017 at 02:00pm - original article from game-debate

Nvidia is teasing a major new reveal coming later this month. A short clip has been posted to its social media accounts with the cryptic message “It’s Coming”, teasing an April 29th reveal for a new product.

Just what the heck it could even mean remains a mystery. Nvidia has only just launched its most powerful graphics card yet, the GeForce Titan XP, so yet another graphics card seems unlikely. There is a tiny chance it could be the Pascal GPU series refresh, complete with HBM2 memory, but this would just be another major slap in the face for those who’ve snapped up Nvidia’s latest top-end graphics chips.

The alternative is probably a new Nvidia Shield Handheld having launched the revamped Shield TV earlier this year. It could pack a Switch-bashing Tegra X2 chip, making it a very capable handheld indeed.

One thing is for sure - this teaser is Nvidia GeForce branded, so whatever we’re getting is going to be gaming related of some sort.

What’s your best guess as to what Nvidia could be planning to reveal on 29/04/2017? Could we see a new graphics card reveal, or is it too soon? Let us know!