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Razer Announces Outrageous Triple Screen Laptop Codenamed Valerie
By Neil Soutter on January 6th, 2017 at 09:45am - original article from game-debate

Razer isn’t exactly a hardware manufacturer afraid of doing something a little batshit crazy. Ironically Project Valerie wouldn’t look too out of place in the Batcave either. It is, to put it bluntly, a gaming laptop with three screens. Ordinarily it would absolutely defy the point of even having a (portable) laptop in the first place, but the two extra displays actually fold out from a single screen with the push of a button.

The laptop is basically the same as the Razer Blade Pro, although it’s a little bit thicker to account for the two extra screens. Each of the three screens is 17.3”, so you’re looking at a massive triple monitor setup when it’s all said and done.

“Multi-monitor desktop set-ups are becoming more necessary for professionals, creators, and gamers,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO. “For the first time, we’ve engineered a solution that users can take with them. Project Valerie promises all of the functionality of three screens and none of the hassle.”

Feast your eyes on Razer’s Project Valerie below.

I do love the thought of someone taking a seat on a crowded train before exactly pressing the button, the Razer Valerie just ballooning out in front of them.

I absolutely shudder to think of the cost of actually buying one of these. Razer products don’t come cheap, and there’s some next level stuff going on here. Just for the standard Razer Blade Pro you are looking at almost £3500, so bung in the extra two screens and you’re probably getting on for £5000, give or take a few hundred.