Nintendo Could Be Reverting To A Cartridge-Based Console For Nintendo NX
By Stuart Thomas on January 31st, 2016 at 12:00pm - original article from game-debate

More and more details are beginning to creep out about Nintendo’s next system, codenamed Nintendo NX, with the latest info suggesting Nintendo will be reverting back to a cartridge based system; the first home console to do so since Nintendo’s own N64 back in 1996.

The news comes from integrated device manufacturer Macronix, who have been contracted to supply memory slots for the Nintendo NX. Macronix specialises in ROM chips, and they’re same company which created the Nintendo Game Cards used for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

During a company's earnings for the Q4 2015, general manager Chih-Yuan Lu said Macronix expected to shift a considerable amount of hardware in the coming year, tied to the predicted success of Nintendo’s upcoming device. While Lu didn't confirm whether the memory products in question would be ROMs, he did say that he expects ROM sales to be exceptional this year. Which seems like a fairly big hint, if I'm not mistaken.

One of the more secretive companies in the world of gaming, firmer details from Nintendo still aren’t forthcoming. Late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the Nintendo NX was on course to be revealed in 2016, and looking at the Wii U’s sparse upcoming lineup it could do with being sooner rather than later.

Another rumour to emerge of late came from the CEO of Japanese consultancy firm, who said Bandai Namco has several games in development for the NX, including Smash Bros planned as a launch title. With it being so close to the planned launch, it would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to bundle up Smash Bros Wii U will its DLC and push it out for launch.

Information is beginning to ramp up then, and it's only matter of time until Nintendo lets the cat out of the bag. My money is on E3 for a full reveal, but expect some significant teasing from the Kyoto granddaddies of gaming in the months until then.