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Jon Sutton
on 20 November 2019 at 11:58

And back down the rumour rabbit hole we go with reports surfacing that Nvidia is preparing a ¬¬gc_id:4926[Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super]¬¬ for launch in early 2020. We’ve come full circle on this one, with rumours earlier in the year being quashed but now they’re very much alive again.

This is according to various ‘leaks’, in particular from kopite7kimi on Twitter, who accurately leaked info on the GTX 16 and RTX Super series. They also flubbed their scops on a 2070 Ti and a 1650 Ti, so attach as much worth as you deem necessary. The leaks suggest the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super uses the full Turing TU102 GPU used by the ¬¬gc_id:4075[Nvidia Titan RTX]¬¬.

Neil Soutter
on 19 November 2019 at 17:18

AMD has thrown a new content into the extreme low-budget ring with the launch of the ultra low-end ¬¬p_id:2651[AMD Athlon 3000G 2-Core 3.5GHz]¬¬. Priced at just $49, this CPU is about as budget it as it gets, quite comfortably the most affordable modern CPU which AMD is offering.

Naturally, with such a price tag comes revised expectations. AMD’s Athlon 3000G is going to offer you nowhere near the performance of its bigger and better Ryzen brethren. However, for your 49 bucks you will get your hands on a dual-core, four-thread processor clocked at a respectable 3.5 GHz. It’s got 4MB total L3 Cache, 1MB L2 cache, and 192KB L1 cache, as well as an integrated Vega 3 graphics processor clocked at 1000 MHz.

Jon Sutton
on 18 November 2019 at 17:40

Star Wars fans are being absolutely spoiled right now. The Mandalorian is being very well received over on Disney Plus; Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is out next month, and then we've got ¬¬g_id:35631[Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order]¬¬, the best Star Wars game in many a year.

We've already extensively covered Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Most Important Graphics Options and now it's time to take a look at overall performance with our GPU benchmark tests.

Jon Sutton
on 18 November 2019 at 15:09

Praise be, it's a great Star Wars game. EA has defied its own history in delivering us Respawn's ¬¬g_id:35631[Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order]¬¬. It's a AAA, single-player, story-driven action game with no microtransactions. It's basically the complete opposite of Battlefront 2 and a real treat for Star Wars fans.

With Respawn at the helm, and using Unreal Engine 4 this time around, Jedi Fallen Order is a real looker as well. You'll be exploring strange alien worlds, clambering over monolithic structures, and even taking on AT-ATs. It's a feast for the senses, in particular the eyes.

Jon Sutton
on 17 November 2019 at 14:23

It's not often we get a great Star Wars game. The midichlorians have not been strong in this franchise since EA got its mitts on it. ¬¬g_id:35631[Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order]¬¬ appears to buck the trend though, scooping up some very positive reviews which suggest this is the best Star Wars game in at least the past decade.

We're in the process of conducing PC perfomance benchmark tests for SWJ: Fallen Order to see just how it runs on PC, but in the meantime here are all of the PC-specific graphics settings you'll be able to tweak in order to achieve your desired performance.

on 16 November 2019 at 15:20

 UPDATE: 15th Nov, 2019 – After the recent poll, “Which headset is the best?”, the ¬¬azn:HyperX Cloud Stinger[HyperX Cloud Stinger]¬¬ got voted for the best option at a price tag of $44. A lot of people have left great comments about the ¬¬azn:SteelSeries Arctis 3[SteelSeries Arctis 3]¬¬ too, so if you want a headset that's a bit more premium then you can get pick that up for $60, provided you don't mind spending a few extra bucks.

Okay, so we have shaved back around a $100 in savings on this build.

Jon Sutton
on 12 November 2019 at 16:03

Zoo Tycoon fans haven't had much to sing about lately but with ¬¬g_id:35924[Planet Zoo]¬¬ it feels like the return of one of the tycoon greats. A successor to Planet Coaster, although sadly not linked from a gameplay standpoint, Planet Zoo offers players the chance to oversee there very own zoo paradise.

Gawp at wonder at a spider in a tank. Laugh at the fat seals. Hope it's feeding time down at the lion enclosure. Planet Zoo provides the toolkit and then it's down to you to build the zoo of your dreams. It's impressive stuff, in truth, although it also happens to be a bit of a performance hog as well.

Jon Sutton
on 12 November 2019 at 14:26

¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ offers an undeniably stunning open-world. Probably one of the finest we've laid eyes on, in fact. But all it takes is one frame rate dip, or one judder, to rip us out of this immersive landscape, and this isn't a game which runs particularly well out of the box. Performance is key for RDR2, and it's what helps elevates the PC version about the 30FPS locked console edition.

Thankfully, Rockstar has given PC players a ton of graphics settings to mess around with. You can tweak just about every aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2's visuals in order to find just the right settings for your rig. Tweaking takes time though, so we're going to take the thinking out of it for you with what we believe is the best balance between performance and visuals in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Jon Sutton
on 11 November 2019 at 13:35

Salutations animal lovers (or haters, depending on your view of cages)! Red Dead may be swallowing up the headlines but a little gem known as ¬¬g_id:35924[Planet Zoo]¬¬ happened to launch on the same day. From Frontier Developments (RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Planet Coaster), Planet Zoo is a zoological management sim with the sort of depth we've never seen before. It's out now, on PC, although it's certainly no slouch to run. 

We've benchmarked each graphics option in Planet Zoo, recording the average frame rate (FPS) in order to determine the performance cost of enabling each of these graphical features. This allows you to see, at a glance, where the performance hits are going to come from, as well as which graphics settings we think you should enable (high priority score) and those which you can leave on Low (low priority score).

Stuart Thomas
on 10 November 2019 at 16:54

Its time to look for a new monitor for your gaming PC. Today we explore how you might go and select a good screen for your gaming PC setup? And we want to hear in the comments section below all the things you consider when looking at getting a new gaming display for your rig.

Like most gaming hardware, monitors come with a bunch of statistics, but tonnes of monitors seem to have the same numbers as each other or very little difference between those numbers. So it gets pretty tricky to know how to choose between the monitor stats unless you know what they mean.