Radeon VII Asus 16GB

The Radeon VII Asus 16GB is clocked at 1400 MHz.

It has a memory bandwidth of 1024 GB/sec, and requires 295W to run.

It has an SPU performance of 4368.


AMD Radeon VII Asus 16GB

help iconCore Speed1 MHzhelp iconSPU Performance1
help iconArchitecture1help iconTransistor Size1nm
help iconSLI/Crossfire Supportyeshelp iconTexture Mapping Units1
help iconIntegratedyeshelp iconTexture Rate1 GTexel/s
help iconRelease Date01 Jan 1970help iconRender Output Units1
help iconRequired Power1Whelp iconPixel Rate1 GPixel/s
help iconMemory1MBhelp iconDirectX1
help iconMemory Speed1MHzhelp iconShader Model1
help iconMemory Bus1 Bithelp iconMax Resolution1
help iconMemory Type1help iconHDMI Connections1
help iconMemory Bandwidth1help iconDVI Connections1
help iconSPUs1help iconVGA Connections1

Radeon VII Asus 16GB compatibility review

Overall, the AMD Radeon VII Asus 16GB has exceptional performance. The levels of performance that can be reached with this graphics card are in fact far and beyond the acceptable ranges when running the latest applications and games. The graphics card is over 2 years old, meaning it is based on aging technologies and will probably not have the level of driver support that you would find in a newer graphics card.

With an effective SPU count of 4368, the AMD Radeon VII Asus 16GB processes shading and special graphical effects with no trouble at all. The GPU is extremely power-hungry at 295 Watts, however. With a memory bandwidth of 1024 GB/sec, this graphics card is extremely effective at processing detailed textures in modern applications and games.

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