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Stuart Thomas
on 07 July 2015 at 11:35

SSD juggling is the bane of many of our lives. These super-fast storage drives are all well and good, but when space is at a premium and game install sizes are ballooning, cramming what you need onto a solid-state drive can be a bit of a chore. That’s all slowly changing however, and Samsung is kicking things up a notch with its first 2TB consumer SSDs.

The new high-capacity SSDs are the 2TB Samsung 850 Evo and the Samsung 850 Pro. The 2000GB drives effectively doubles Samsung’s previous 1TB limit on consumer SSDs, delivering a fair chunk of storage for gamers. Samsung has dubbed the pair the first multi-terabyte consumer SSDs, but whether they’re consumer-friendly is down to interpretation, with the Evo and Pro retailing or $799.99 and $999.99 respectively.

Joffy S
on 05 July 2015 at 18:00

Building or buying your own PC is pretty much the zenith of PC gaming. We all love that guilty moment we put our money where our mouth is and splash out on a build. The how and why we get there is different for everybody though, and that's why have hundreds of thousands of different PC build configurations represented here on GD.

Everyone has different priorities, and most of us have limited cash. When we build our PCs we're willing to spend more on certain components than others, depending upon which is the most important to us. Here we'll not only be running down a complete checklist of all the PC components you'll be needing in a built, but we'll also have a run-down of the order of importance, from myself and Felix.

Felix Nova
on 05 July 2015 at 14:00

The Just Cause series is almost an off shoot from one of the biggest titles around. GTAs mastery at enabling the player to do whatever you want, in a huge sandbox game pushed it beyond all competition. To keep keeping it gritty it added layers of realism. While that direction was appealing for the GTA franchise, this meant there was massive scope for some other games, Saints Row and Just Cause, to go totally nuts.

Just Cause 3 offers the equivalent of all the most insane/ludicrous stunts from every James Bond film and making them possible for a player to do the same, while tearing it around a Dictator owned tropical island.

Felix Nova
on 04 July 2015 at 17:00

No Man's Sky is a beautiful looking sci fi affair. Every time we see another little bit of it our imaginations jump into overdrive, hungrily looking towards its eventual release. It is under development by a British Studio called Hello Games.

No Man's Sky is a lot of things and some have even referred to it as loosely from Minecraft in space. Where you make your own destiny, with no user manual, leaving you to discover your own way through the depths of its crafting and exploration. No Man's Sky is an open-world, space game that lets the player visit planets the size of actual planets and craft their own environments and gameplay experience. But with each video we see, it's hard to really know what it is that the game will be offering, beyond something very beautiful. So let's take a look at what we do know about No Man's Sky.

Stuart Thomas
on 03 July 2015 at 15:30

AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X has been busy making waves in recent weeks, but it’s not the only high-end graphics card AMD's got up its sleeves. Next up after its water-cooled beast is the air-cooled Radeon R9 Fury, a slightly less powerful graphics card still packing that Fiji GPU and 4GB High Bandwidth Memory (HBM).

The specs of the Radeon R9 Fury were previously unknown, but the first tentative leaks have now emerged. The air-cooled enthusiast graphics card will be almost identical to its older brother, albeit with a cut-down 3,584 Stream Processors, compared to the full 4,096 on the Fury X.

Joffy S
on 02 July 2015 at 17:30

Everything we've seen so far has pointed toward Star Wars Battlefront being quite a looker on PC, and these screens really don't disappoint.We've got hold of some comparison images taken straight from the Star Wars Battlefront alpha, giving us an idea of the scalability of DICE's intergalactic shooter.

As well as this, we've also got our hands on the first sets of in-game benchmark results. The first benchmarks were performed by an anonymous source on a laptop with a GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, which is roughly equivalent to the ever-popular GeForce GTX 750 ti desktop graphics card from Nvidia. The second set were performed on a GeForce GTX 970. 

Joffy S
on 02 July 2015 at 11:30

The circle of adventure gaming is almost complete, with the King's Quest rebooting arriving later this month. The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra have been busy beavering away on this reimagining of an adventure game classic, which features an aging King Graham, star of the previous King's quests, regaling his granddaughter Gwendolyn with his grand tales of adventure. 

King's Quest will be split it into five distinct chapters, arriving throughout this year and into early 2016. Expected a mix of puzzle-solving, witty quips, hilarious storytelling and deadly dragons. Don't go grabbing your sword and heading off for adventure just yet though, first check out the official King's Quest 2015 system requirements.

Joffy S
on 01 July 2015 at 12:45

For GD’ers of a certain age, the name Master of Orion may bring up a certain twinkly-eyed nostalgia. The 4X sci-fi strategy game from Simtex followed in the footsteps of Civilization, this time delivering an epic space-faring TBS in which ten races battle for supremacy throughout a vast galaxy.

Now, it’s back, being developed by NGD Studios with the help of World of Tanks publisher Wargaming.net. A reimagining of a strategy classic, players must explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their foes over a huge 100 star system map, utilising diplomacy, advanced technology, and conquest to win them over. Before you start buying your rocket fuel and flying off into space, check to see whether your PC can hit warp speed 7 with the official Master of Orion 2015 system requirements.

Joffy S
on 30 June 2015 at 14:00

We’re hearing the first murmurings of a GeForce GTX 950 Ti in the works, suggesting Nvidia is planning to unleash a new Maxwell-powered entry-level graphics card. Both a GTX 950 Ti and a 950 are expected to surface, replacing the current GTX 750 and the impressive GTX 750 Ti.

The graphics processing unit used in the GTX 950 Ti is the GM206-250, and it’s likely to be a cut-down version of the graphics core used in the GTX 960. The 750 Ti was the only 700-series graphics card to already use a Maxwell GPU, so it’s unlikely we’re going to see performance gains as impressive as we saw there, but we're expecting a reasonable bump.

Neil Soutter
on 30 June 2015 at 10:15

It’s been around a month since the pre-orders went live, but Valve has now confirmed that the early stock of all Steam Hardware is now entirely sold out. This includes Steam Controllers, the Steam Link, and the early variants of the Steam Machines.

Up until now users worldwide had been able to pre-order Valve’s first pieces of hardware (and the third-party Steam Machines), guaranteeing ‘Get it Early’ access on October 16th, nearly a month before the standard available date of November 10th. Valve had said a few weeks back that 35% of the stock had already been sold, and this was clearly enough incentive to get other users grabbing their pre-orders.