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Neil Soutter
on 21 May 2019 at 13:45

One heck of a rumour has emerged this morning, arriving by way of a Sapphire spokesperson who has allegedly let the cat out of the bag regarding AMD’s plans for its upcoming Radeon Navi 7nm graphics cards.

The Sapphire spokesperson was talking to assorted Chinese media this week, as per a now-deleted article on Zhihu, and appears to have spilled a few more details than they perhaps should of.

Jon Sutton
on 21 May 2019 at 12:04

Following on from our Total War: Three Kingdoms graphics card performance benchmarks and graphics settings analysis, it's time to hone in one graphics setting in particular - Unit Size.

Unit Size is a graphics setting in Total War: Three Kingdoms which can also have a profound effect on gameplay. In Total War, each unit is comprised of a set number of troops, and shifting Unit Size up or down reduces or increases this figure. For example, a unit of infantry on ‘Large’ will typically have 160 individual soldiers, while on ‘Extreme’ this figure jumps to 240 soldiers. While each unit is defined as a single entity in terms of the over-arching strategy, each individual troop member does battle independently. As a result, changing the Unit Size also affects the gameplay.

Jon Sutton
on 20 May 2019 at 16:10

Would you believe it's been almost six long years since we last got a mainline Total War historical strategy game? It was Rome II, if you can remember that far back. After a lengthy sojourn into the realms of Warhammer, CA has brought it all back home with Total War: Three Kingdoms, a sprawling historical RTS and 4X hybrid based on Ancient Chinese warring dynasties.

Here's every advanced graphics setting found in Total War: Three Kingdoms PC, benchmarked and tested for their Frames Per Second performance hit. Using the chart below you can find out just how demanding each setting is. Along with this, we've given priority scores based on how important we believe it is to enable these graphics options, or how important they are to keep an eye on.

Jon Sutton
on 20 May 2019 at 13:19

The grandaddy of strategy is back. After forays into the world of Warhammer, the Total War series returns to its historic roots for the mainline series. Total War: Three Kingdoms lets players become a ruling warlord in Ancient China, plotting, scheming, and engaging in all-out war.

As always, the system requirements for Total War: Three Kingdoms took a jump forward. Creative Assembly are the industry leaders for large-scale RTS battling and have historically been at the forefront of graphics tech. So what this does this mean for TW: 3 Kingdoms PC performance? Let's find out. 

Jon Sutton
on 18 May 2019 at 11:59

As we all know, the Nintendo Switch has been selling very well in the two years since its launch. Nintendo is very much back in the driving seat. What is surprising though, is Nintendo’s absolute dominance on its home turf.

The humble Switch has now outsold the PlayStation 4’s lifetime sales in Japan. This is a feat which has taken precisely two years and two months, versus a PS4 that launched more than five years ago on February 22, 2014, in Japan.

Stuart Thomas
on 15 May 2019 at 15:30

There’s an old factoid that you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. Well, it also feels as if we’re never six minutes away from another Intel CPU security flaw. Step forward RIDL, Fallout, Zombieload, and Store-to-Leak Forwarding. the latest thorns in Intel’s increasingly punctured side.

Following in the footsteps of Spoiler, Meltdown, Spectre, and Foreshadow, RIDL and company are yet more speculative execution attacks which can affect nearly all modern Intel CPUs. AMD processors of all kinds are unaffected.

Stuart Thomas
on 14 May 2019 at 14:11

A Radeon RX 600 series of AMD graphics cards have popped up in the latest Radeon drivers, indicating an unexpected line-up of budget graphics chips. If you’re getting your hopes up that this may be the first indicator of 7nm Navi’s arrival then you’d probably best reset your expectations.

The pair of Radeon RX 600 series graphics cards mentioned in the driver listing are low-end parts based on the Polaris GPU architecture, suggesting a refresh could be on the cards.

Neil Soutter
on 13 May 2019 at 16:42

SSD prices are set to tumble faster than EA’s share value over the rest of 2019, with the price-per-gigabyte expected to drop below 10 cents, representing an all-time low.

The research from market specialists TrendForce points towards double-digit percentage price drops during the next quarter alone, with further declines in Q3 and Q4 expected to bring the price of 512GB SSDs down to below $0.1 per GB.

Jon Sutton
on 09 May 2019 at 11:18

Another year, another official Formula 1 game from Codemasters, with F1 2019 Anniversary Edition celebrating the sim racing series' 10th anniversary under Codies' stewardship. This year sees the inclusion of F2 for the first time, as well as all the usual improved visuals and updated rosters. F1 2019 is out earlier than usual this year, coming to PC on June 28th, and here are the PC system specs required to run F1 2019.

The system requirements for F1 2019 aren't a night and day difference from F1 2018, but there are some key changes that are worth highlighting.

Jon Sutton
on 08 May 2019 at 14:14

The Steam store page has just gone live for Ready or Not, or Ready or SWAT as I like to call it. We're still a far cry away from its expected 2020 launch, but this tactical first-person shooter inspired by the classic SWAT series will be granting Alpha access to those who buy the $120 'Supporter' edition *wipes water from eyes*. That means we've got the full PC system specs for Ready or Not, although these could well change somewhat in the long to launch.

Ready or Not isn't exactly pushing for the highest-end visuals, although it certainly looks decent enough. To that end, Ready or Not has a set of system requirements that shouldn't have too many PCs breaking a sweat, particularly once we head into its 2020 launch window.